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Project SENA

Dream Catcher Mentoring Program

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Grace Place

Grace Place - Empowering students to excel academically and take ownership of their education and future.

Project SENA currently works with the students at Grace Place offering educational tutoring and mentoring through an online Skype Bank donated by Project SENA.

  • Assist students in acquiring the skills necessary for academic and personal success
  • Build long term, healthy relationships
  • Create an environment of love, respect and safety
  • Develop leaders with character and commitment to their local community
  • Empower students and families to have ownership of their education

Grace Place is a stay-in-school program that serves students in Chinle, Arizona in the center of the Navajo Reservation. The goal of Grace Place is to assist students who come from economically challenged environments in the Chinle community to excel in school, to graduate from junior and senior high school and to be prepared for their future whether it be advanced training, college or employment.

Download the Grace Place PDF to learn more about this amazing mentorship program and how you can help.

Educational Choice & Professional Trade Mentorship

When you are older, you will wish you knew then what you know now - the Project SENA Educational Choice Mentorship does just that. The mentorship program is designed to help you make those tough decisions and recognize opportunities that are possible toward obtaining your career goals.

Whether it’s college counseling or professional trade, our mentors are professionals and experts in their respective fields and can help you through the process of choosing which type of educational or vocational opportunity to pursue and can offer invaluable advice based on expertise. Wisdom is an asset of experience and time, which Project SENA is able to offer you through its mentorship program.

Continuing Education for Displaced Adults

Project SENA recognizes that adults desire educational opportunities as well. We offer scholarships to qualifying Native American adults who are interested in learning a new trade, getting a high-school equivalency or vocational certification program.

To Learn More About the Project SENA Mentoring Program, or to Volunteer to Become a Mentor, Please Contact Tara Dugel at or Brenna Dugel at